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Snorbies is a cute bubble shooter / match 3 clone with online highscore list and 4 game modes.

Naptime is over, but the Snorbies are still asleep… and it’s up to you to wake them up!

When you start a new game, you’ll see a huge pile of sleeping Snorbies at the top of the screen.

You’ll also see a few eager ones waiting in line at the bottom. Those guys are there to help.

Make groups of three or more same-colored Snorbies to clear them from the screen.

There are 4 game modes: classic, advanced, levels and timeattack.

Classic mode is basic bubble shooter where more and more Snorbies will appear.

Advanced mode has special items that modify the Classic bubble shooter gameplay.

Levels mode has pre-made levels that user must clear. Rating is given on how well the level was cleared.

Levels are divided into worlds which each (usually) concentrate on a specific usable item.

World 1 contains only Snorbies
World 2 contains two types of rocks
World 3 contains coffee cups
World 4 contains roosters
World 5 contains buckets

Levels in worlds start off easy to teach the usage of the item, but grow harder as you progress.

In timeattack mode you must race against the clock waking up endless amount of Snorbies that keep moving.

Game also has online highscores.

More levels and items will come in the following updates, stay tuned!

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Easiest way to send feedback is via email or Facebook. When reporting for bugs/errors please mention your phone model.

Snorbies is currently available in these stores:

For more information, email to snorbies (at) nepik.com